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Photo Guide

Follow the tips below when taking the photo! If you are unable to follow these steps exactly, don't worry! We have a dedicated team that checks all the photos.

If your photo does not meet our criteria, we will contact you as soon as possible and help you choose a more suitable one!


 Uploaded photos must be ...

✔️ Made at eye level
✔️ Shoot in good light (natural light works best! DO NOT use camera flash)
✔️ Good distance. Not carried too far or too close.
✔️ Sharp photo.
✔️ An original photo. Not a screenshot.



Photos can be rejected for one of the following reasons ...

❌ Done too far or too close.
❌ Too dark or too light.
❌ The face is obstructed or the ears are out of frame.
❌ The photo is blurry or of low quality.
❌ Low resolution or a screenshot.
❌ It is not done frontally.


View the preview, if you are not satisfied, request a refund full!

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