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    Do you only take portraits of cats and dogs?

    We can draw portraits for all animals, regardless of the species or
    from the breed. Our artists are incredibly talented and can transform
    any animal on Earth  


    Can you take portraits with humans?

    Absolutely yes! Just upload the photo of the human instead of the pet.


    Why can I upload up to 3 photos?

    You can upload up to 3 photos to decrease the likelihood of sending photos that do not meet the necessary requirements. If you want the portrait to be done with a particular photo you can upload just one photo, otherwise upload more photos and our designers will choose the most suitable photo. 


    Can I see the work before it is printed?

    Yes, absolutely! All customers can preview the
    their artwork and request any revisions before printing. You
    we will send an e-mail when the preview is ready. You have 2 days to send us
    your review requests, or approve it for printing. If 2 days go by
    and we have no news from you, we will consider it approved and proceed with the


    Can I change the background color of the portrait?

    We are currently unable to change the background color.   


    Will i have a tracking number?

    Yes, all orders are shipped with tracking. You will receive the tracking number,
    as well as delivery updates, all via email.  



    For any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us on WhatsApp or at, we usually reply within 20 minutes. 


    View the preview, if you are not satisfied, request a refund full!

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